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  Marriage Preparation Course was created, designed and developed by SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd. It is owned and is the copyright of SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd, governed within the copyright laws of the Republic of Singapore.



The Marriage Preparatory Courses are meant for Muslim couples marrying for the first time who are generally 21 years old and above; and are not in the high-risk category.



 aims to assist marrying Muslim couples build a strong foundation and strengthen relationship within their marriage. aims to provide the market with a new learning approach and experience in helping Muslim marrying couples to effectively prepare for the first three years of marriage.



Participants attending would be expected to be able to do the following at the end of the course:

•  List the three major development stages of new marriages;

•  Identify needs, issues and challenges within each development stage;

•  Chart out possible action steps to address development challenges in early marriages;

•  Acquire basic skills required for each stage of developing new marriages;

•  Prepare a 3-year Marriage Plan.



•  is designed based on actual needs of marrying couples. This is reflected by the roadmap and integrated approach in exposing the participants with the relevant topics. It fits nicely with the stages of entering into marriage by every marrying couple. And this is very much a manifestation of adult learning principles, where adults learn best when they find the content and materials relevant to their respective needs.

•  The course is also designed to be highly interactive. Participants will be actively involved in the learning process through group activities, discussions, games, self-reflection exercises, presentations, role-plays and action planning.

•  Formative assessments will also be introduced at major content transition points to assist participants reinforce key learning points. These will be in the form of short quizzes for participants to attempt and reflect upon at the end of each major content coverage.

•  Additional reading and reference materials will also be listed and provided to the participants.

Modules in



Brief Content Outline


Mak, Nak Kawin…

Compatibility Issues, personality profiling.


Dah Siap Ke Belum?

Parents-in-law, financial requirements, other preparations.


Aku Terima Nikahnya…

Marriage in Islam, Roles & responsibility of husband and wife, Nikah proceedings.


Assalamua'laikum, sayang…

Sex and sexuality in Islam, decorum, preparations.


Yang, Bangun, Dah Subuh…

Challenges in first year of marriage, changes & adjustment, change cycle.


Keluarga Idaman Ku

Planning for the family, number of children, other financial obligations and preparations.


Sedangkan Lidah Lagikan Tergigit…

Simple and Effective communication strategies between husband and wife, communication profiling.


Demi Cinta Ku Pada Mu

Common understanding of married life, house-rules, commitment, love letter.



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