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Kursus Bimbingan Rumahtangga "Kasih Sejati"


Kasih Sejati Marriage Preparation Course was created, designed and developed by SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd. It is owned and is the copyright of SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd, governed within the copyright laws of the Republic of Singapore.



The Kasih Sejati Marriage Preparatory Courses are meant for Muslim couples marrying for the first time who are generally 21 years old and above; and are not in the high-risk category.



Kasih Sejati aims to assist marrying Muslim couples build a strong foundation and strengthen relationship within their marriage. Kasih Sejati aims to provide the market with a new learning approach and experience in helping Muslim marrying couples to effectively prepare for the first three years of marriage.



Participants attending Kasih Sejati would be expected to be able to do the following at the end of the course:

•  List the three major development stages of new marriages;

•  Identify needs, issues and challenges within each development stage;

•  Chart out possible action steps to address development challenges in early marriages;

•  Acquire basic skills required for each stage of developing new marriages;

•  Prepare a 3-year Marriage Plan.



•  Kasih Sejati is designed based on actual needs of marrying couples. This is reflected by the roadmap and integrated approach in exposing the participants with the relevant topics. It fits nicely with the stages of entering into marriage by every marrying couple. And this is very much a manifestation of adult learning principles, where adults learn best when they find the content and materials relevant to their respective needs.

•  The course is also designed to be highly interactive. Participants will be actively involved in the learning process through group activities, discussions, games, self-reflection exercises, presentations, role-plays and action planning.

•  Formative assessments will also be introduced at major content transition points to assist participants reinforce key learning points. These will be in the form of short quizzes for participants to attempt and reflect upon at the end of each major content coverage.

•  Additional reading and reference materials will also be listed and provided to the participants.

Modules inKasih Sejati



Brief Content Outline


Mak, Nak Kawin…

Compatibility Issues, personality profiling.


Dah Siap Ke Belum?

Parents-in-law, financial requirements, other preparations.


Aku Terima Nikahnya…

Marriage in Islam, Roles & responsibility of husband and wife, Nikah proceedings.


Assalamua'laikum, sayang…

Sex and sexuality in Islam, decorum, preparations.


Yang, Bangun, Dah Subuh…

Challenges in first year of marriage, changes & adjustment, change cycle.


Keluarga Idaman Ku

Planning for the family, number of children, other financial obligations and preparations.


Sedangkan Lidah Lagikan Tergigit…

Simple and Effective communication strategies between husband and wife, communication profiling.


Demi Cinta Ku Pada Mu

Common understanding of married life, house-rules, commitment, love letter.



Note: All programmes are conducted in the Malay Language except where indicated.

Course Schedule for 2015

More dates will be added soon.

  Dates Course Centre  
Sep 2015 5 - 6 Sep 2015 Masjid Mydin
Mdm Norhayati Tel: 6243 2129
19 - 20 Sep 2015 SuChi Success Training Centre
Mr Riduan Tel: 6842 8161
12 - 13 Sep 2015 Masjid Al-Istiqamah
Mr Shahruddin Tel: 6281 4287
Oct 2015 10 - 11 Oct 2015 SuChi Success Training Centre
Mr Riduan Tel: 6842 8161
3 - 4 Oct 2015 Masjid Ar-Raudhah
Ms Hafidzah Tel: 6899 5840
Nov 2015 7 - 8 Nov 2015 SuChi Success Training Centre
Mr Riduan Tel: 6842 8161
21 - 22 Nov 2015 Masjid Alkaff Kg Melayu
Ms Shazwani Tel: 6242 7244
Dec 2015 5 - 6 Dec 2015 Masjid Mydin
Mdm Norhayati Tel: 6243 2129
12 - 13 Dec 2015 SuChi Success Training Centre
Mr Riduan Tel: 6842 8161


The Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) is targetted for unmarried individuals who are ABOVE 21 YEARS OLD and marrying for the first time. Potential registrants who are below 21 years old and/or have been married previously are required to contact Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) for other relevant courses.


MPC is an approved programme by the ROMM.


The Certificate of Accomplishments will be issued to participants who have fully completed ALL modules within the MPC at the end of the programme.

The certificates provided by the Mosque in collaboration with SuChi Success Initiatives are recognized by ROMM and can be used as documentary proof of attendances in a marriage preparation course.

All participants are required to spell check and certify correct their names and NRIC Numbers in the Attendance List for accuracy, for the purpose of certificate production. Any request for changes after certified correct by participants will incur a service charge of $10 per copy for re-printing of certificate.

Replacement for lost certificate after the course is chargeable at $10 per copy. Application for replacement certificate must be made at SuChi Success Initiatives Training Centre via e-mail at info@kasihsejati.com or call at 6842-8161. Please quote your name and NRIC No. Replacement certificate will be ready for personal collection within 3-working days after the request is made.

Programme & Registration Fees

The participant's fee is inclusive of a programme fee and a non-refundable registration fee. The registration fee will NOT BE refunded upon withdrawal from the programme for whatever reasons.


Registered participants who wish to withdraw from the programme are required to inform the Administrative Officer of this programme at the place of registration, not later than 7 working days from the first day of the commencement of the programme.

Any withdrawal made within the 7-day period preceeding the commencement of the programme will result in NO REFUND of the programme fee. The programme fee will only be refundable if the withdrawal notification is made before the 7-day period preceeding the commencement of the course.

Change Of Date

Any change of date made within 5 days before commencement of the programme will attract an additional chargeable fee of $10 per person to compensate for administrative and logistic re-arrangement.

Mode of Payment

Payment for the course fees may be made in cash or cheque. Receipts will be issued upon cash payment. Receipts for payment via cheques will only be issued upon cheques' clearance and will be provided at a later date to be determined by the place of registration.

Confirmation of registration is contingent of payment. Only paid registration is considered as confirmed.

Attendance & Punctuality

Participants who have not completed any of the modules will be required to make-up for those missed modules in future runs of the programme at any certified centres, before the Certificate of Accomplishment can be issued. The Administrative Officer at the place of registration will advise you accordingly on the next available slot for make-up modules.

Participants are required to be punctual for all modules in the programme. Participants who are 15 minutes late for any of the modules will be considered as having missed the whole module. They will need to make-up for the missed modules.


Active participation in the programme is highly encouraged and would provide participants with bountiful learning journey. Enjoy!

DO NOT make payment to SuChi Success if you are taking the Marriage Course at any of the mosques. Contact the mosque for payment.


If you have selected to undergo the course at any of our mosque partners, please contact the mosque directly to make payment to that mosque.
Payment to SuChi Success is to be made only for Kasih Sejati Marriage Praparation Course to be conducted at SuChi Success Training Centre.

Confirmation of registration is contingent of payment. Only paid registration is considered as confirmed. 

Payment Method to SuChi Success

  1. Fees for Kasih Sejati Marriage Preparartion Course:
    $150 / person, $300 / couple

  2. Fees can be made by one of the following methods:
    • ATM Fund Transfer
    • Internet Banking [IBG]
    • Mailing of Cheques
    • Cash payment at SuChi Success Training Centre (We do NOT accept NETS payment)

  3. For ATM Fund Transfer or IBG, please pay the CORRECT AMOUNT to the following account:

    DO NOT TRANSFER to this account if you are taking the course at any of the mosques.
    Please contact the mosque directly for payment advice.

    For courses at SuChi Success Training Centre ONLY:
    DBS Savings Plus
    Account Number: 017-9-095033 

    Please ensure the correct amount is transferred to the correct account before pressing the SUBMIT or CONFIRM button.

    Once payment is made through Fund Transfer or IBG, please call 6842 8161 to furnish the details of the Reference Number stated in the receipt. SCAN or EMAIL the fund transfer receipt to info@kasihsejati.com. Please keep the Transfer Receipt and bring it along on the programme day for verification.

  4. Cheque payment should be made to SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd. Please indicate Participant's Name, Telephone Number and Name of Programme on the reverse of the cheque. Ensure the amount is correct and post your cheque to:

    SuChi Success Initiatives Pte Ltd
    152 Paya Lebar Road #04-05, Citipoint@Paya Lebar
    Singapore 409202

    After cheque has been posted, please contact 6842 8161 to inform us of your payment and the date the cheque is posted.

  5. Cash payment can be made at SuChi Success office in the abovementioned address. [No: 4]. Please make an appointment first with our administration officer at 6842 8161 before coming down to ur office. We do not accept NETS payment. Please bring exact amount.

  6. Receipt will be issued for Cash payment and Cheque payment after the cheque has been cleared by the bank and if requested by the participant

  7. Please read the Terms & Conditions for participating in our programme.

Parking Charges at SuChi Success Training Centre at Citipoint@Paya Lebar



Monday to Saturday Car  Lorry 
7.00 am - 5.00 pm  $0.60 per 0.5 hr or part thereof  $1.80 per 0.5 hr or part thereof
5.00 pm - 11.00 pm   $2.00 per entry  $3.00 per entry
11.00 pm - 7 am next day  $8.00 per entry  $12.00 per entry
Sunday & Public Holiday    
7.00 am - 11.00 pm  $2.00 per entry  $3.00 per entry
11.00 pm - 7 am next day  $8.00 per entry  $12.00 per entry
Daily  $0.65 per entry  

For parking charges at mosques, please call the mosque's officer-in-charge for advice. 




Graduands' Testimonials

Read more testimonials from our graduands here.

Trainers' List

Trainers For The Kasih Sejati Marriage Preparation Course are:

Mohamed Khair Bin Mohamed Noor

CEO & Principal Consultant,
SuChi Success Initiatives

Suriati Abdullah

Managing Director & Principal Consultant,
SuChi Success Initiatives
MSc (Counselling), B.A.(NUS), ACTA (FQ)

Ust Abdul Jalil Bin Abdul Razak

Syariah Court

Ust Mohd Khair Bin Rahmat

Imam & Mosque Manager,
Sultan Mosque

Ust Salim Jasman

Ex-Senior President,
Syariah Court

Nailul Hafiz Bin Abdul Rahim

Principal Trainer,
Asian Leaders Institute

Zulkifli Mohamed

Family Life & Youths Educator, Freelance Trainer

Faiza Bte Sanip

Teacher And Early Childhood Educator,
Family Life Educator, Freelance Trainer

Masturah Bte Bidin

Family Life & Youths Educator, Freelance Trainer

Abdul Razak Ahmad

Freelance Training Consultant